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We link the finest marine products

to the finest marine builders . . .

What We Do

World Marine Link specializes in linking the best manufacturing resources in marine systems and equipment to meet the outfitting needs of quality builders of large yachts, cruise ships and commercial vessels.

We have aligned ourselves with world-class fabricators of superior yacht and ship equipments who have the ability to supply elegant designs and product solutions to meet the exacting needs of the leading shipyards and yacht builders on the Gulf coast and Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

We work closely with naval architects, yacht designers and engineers in order to understand what their designs, regulations and specifications require. This specific knowledge enables us to provide purpose-built custom products and systems that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We look for suppliers whose product can help set the quality standard to be reached in final execution and operation of the vessel newbuild.

We endeavor to provide the yard or ship project with “risk management” solutions that address the varied needs of both the shipyard and the project. We give special attention to potential for fast installation, using minimal yard skill requirements. We can recommend proven designs that are not only beautiful but also offer superior function with minimum maintenance.

Products and Services

Class Approved Marine Doors

Windows and Hatches for Ship Applications

Engineering & Marine Equipment

Hatch Cover Systems

Stern Doors

Ro/Ro & Side Doors

Design & Manufacturing

Acoustic & Emission Systems


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