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FabTek Industries LLC designs and manufactures doors, windows, hatches, and hardware for all sectors of the marine industry. They offer a full line of fire-rated and non-rated closures for the transportation, workboat, super yacht, offshore, and cruise ship industries. 

Lift Emotion

Whether you’re looking for that very special marine elevator for your super yacht, for a high quality passenger elevator, crew elevator, offshore elevator, dumb waiter or for the solution to that unique situation, you can count on Lift Emotion. All of their products not only meet your requirements and withstand the most challenging circumstances; they comply with NEN, ISO, Lloyd’s, DNV, ABS regulations. Innovation, functionality and user safety are key to designing your marine elevator that will never let you down wherever, whenever.

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mV² specializes in lightweight armor systems for a wide variety of platforms including military, law enforcement and commercial vehicles (air, land, and sea).  Provides defeat ballistic threats to Glass, Metal or Composite surfaces.

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mV² specializes in aluminum and glass architectural elements for Pax Cruise Ships for doors, balconies, and glass walls.

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