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Tom Manning

(813) 503-7201

​I have dedicated my career to the Marine industry and I am established as a highly visible, knowledgeable, and respected representative for marine outfitting equipment across the globe. I serve as the eyes and ears for my clients, keeping abreast of industry news, trends, and projects by remaining in continual communication with key industry contacts. My loyalty and partnership is with my client base. I enjoy long-term business relationships with my customers by providing insight and intellectual discussion to facilitate successful shipbuilding projects.

​My product knowledge within the marine outfitting industry is extensive and includes a diverse portfolio of supplier products, process, and history. More importantly, I ​understand my customer’s applications, building techniques, and preferences. I have successfully partnered ​with my clients to generate solutions that are optimal for all parties involved. Through out a project, I serve as an integral player to keep the process on task and cost effective. I also work as a mediator to resolve disputes regarding quality, ​delivery, or costs between the supplier and the customer. I have the ability to engage an unbiased approach by speaking on behalf of the supplier from the perspective of a non-employee.

I partner with clients that value integrity, quality, and customer service. My charge is to raise the profile of my client’s through proactive direct and indirect marketing efforts. Throughout my career I have sold millions of dollars worth of high-end marine products to increase my client’s industry profile and market share.

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